Pool Service for Property Managers and Rental Agencies

Top 5 Reasons Property Managers and Rental Agencies use Cobalt Pool Service

Cobalt Pool Service has over 200+ mainly high end customers. A substantial part of these are rental houses or second houses managed by property managers or (vacation) rental agencies. They use Cobalt Pool Service for the following reasons:

Pool Service for Property Management
  1. We know our pools!
    With 20+ years experience in pool service and repair we know our pools and pool equipment. The first thing we do when we start servicing a pool is to document and photograph the pool and equipment. Specific pool equipment is copied in the pool techs route books so they know what to expect and to do when servicing the pool.
  2. We have a quick response time in the event of emergencies!
    Because we have all the pool information on file we can act quickly if needed. If the motor goes out or the filter needs replacement we just look in our files to see what model and type is needed and order it right away. Our main pool equipment supplier is just around the corner from our office so we can quickly pick up the parts needed and repair the damage fast. We do not and will not charge service calls. In case we have to come over and see what the problem is that is our responsibility and not yours!
  3. Reliable back-up sub-contractors.
    If we are not able to fix your pool problem we have some reliable sub contractors working for us. Especially when it is urgent we can rely on them to help us out. This applies also for services we do not perform like leak detection or ground work. We will provide you with several names of reliable companies for you to choose from or we will contact them for you. In all the above we will supply you with an estimate.
  4. We are flexible!
    You want your pool looking the best if new renters arrive or the owner returns! If your weekly service day is e.g. Monday and new renters or the owner returns on Friday just call us and we reschedule the service to Thursday. We even work on Saturday if you need us and we can service a pool twice a week if needed.
  5. We are unobtrusive!
    Our company trucks have a magnet with our logo on it and our pool techs wear a Cobalt Pool Service T-shirt. That’s it. We do not drive around in special painted trucks or have our employees wearing flashy clothes. We are pool techs and proud of it. No need to inform the whole neighborhood who is doing your pool. You pay for the service and not the advertising.

We service your pool on the same day and time so you know when to expect us!

Cobalt Pool Service understands the needs and wants of property managers and rental agencies. If the pool service is not good the property manager gets blamed. If the pool is not clean your renters will not be happy. Trust us to take care of your pools and take care of your customers.

In the unlikely case you have a customer who is not satisfied we are willing to go over and speak with the owner or renter. And we speak fluent German if needed.

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